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Issue #46 | 20 Jul 2023

It's another short issue this week, so I'm using this preamble section to bring two quick things to your attention:

First, let's talk about my Featured Audio Fiction selections below. While I am a picky listener, I have all sorts of reasons to choose titles that go in here. Not all of them are perfect. Some of their imperfections may be more of an issue to you than to me. And that's cool. The one thing all of these shows have in common—I enjoyed them. As I say below, YMMV.

Next, I remind you that very affordable options to support The End are available to readers just like you. While I do run this newsletter as a labor of love, the global recession has, in the last few weeks, significantly impacted my livelihood. I'm not in danger of sleeping on the streets anytime soon, but I am forced to spend more time on revenue-generating projects to claw back some of the losses. End of sob story, as things are tough all over.

Let's get into this week's shows, shall we?

 - Evo

Featured Audio Fiction

I've listened to every episode of these two shows, and proudly recommend them to you. As with all things in life, YMMV.

Cover art - The Truth

RSSEpisode 1

The Truth

Dramatized fiction anthology from Jonathan Mitchell & Radiotopia

THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears. They’re short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Every story is different, but they all take you to unexpected places using only sound.

If you’re new, some good starting places are: Silvia’s Blood, That’s Democracy, Moon Graffiti, Tape Delay, or whatever’s most recent.

Listening with headphones is encouraged!

We’re a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.

  • Series complete as of 12 Jul 2023
  • 192 episodes
  • Listening time: 72h 08m
  • 👂🎥🧠

Evo's notes: The Truth has been a staple and shining example of the fiction podcast landscape since 2012. Realities of today's economy has forced Jonathan to put the show on an indefinite hiatus. While I'm hopeful it will return, I'm also a realist.

Cover art - The Timekeeper: Win or Die


The Timekeeper: Win or Die

Dramatized horror thriller from Heart Starts Pounding

The Timekeeper is a four-episode horror/thriller audio drama that follows 17-year-old Charlie and his best friends, Gama and Zoe, as they’re pulled into a life and death version of a video game called 13 Keys.

The Timekeeper
is a Heart Starts Pounding production featuring Judah Lewis, Chandler Kinney, and Arjun Athalye. Executive Produced by Judah Lewis, Kaelyn Moore, and Matthew A Brown

  • Series complete as of 27 Apr 2023
  • 4 episodes
  • Listening time: 2h 03m
  • 👁⏱🏃🏼

Evo's notes: This game will kill you. And the production of this fiction podcast will entertain you!

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Season Finales & Finished Series

See? Short! I highly encourage you to check each of these out, since there are so few. You may find something perfect for you!

Cover art - Better Men Elsewhere

Dramatized rural fantasy from Chiral Studios


Better Men Elsewhere

A prisoner is sentenced to a mysterious mountain town for 10 years for his crimes. While the townsfolk must cope with a convicted criminal in their midst as part of this unconventional arrangement, he must also have his wits about him as he traverses this even stranger, upside down and mysterious corner of the world.

Official selection of NJ Webfest and MN Webfest.

  • Season 1 finale released 20 Jul 2023
  • 11 episodes
  • Listening time: 5h 39m
  • Season 2 slated for late 2024
  • 👮🙈🤫

Cover art - Audio Mystery Theatre: The Devil You Don't

Dramatized noir mystery from Olivier Bosman & Audio Mystery Theatre

RSSS4 Episode 1

Audio Mystery Theatre: The Devil You Don't

Dark, edgy mysteries in the style of old time radio… but with a modern twist.

Home of “The Honeytrap,” “The Story of Agnes Braitman,” and “Death Takes a Lover.”

Each season there is a new mystery.

  • Season 4 finale released 9 Jul 2023
  • 22 episodes
  • Listening time: 7h 19m
  • Season 5 slated for Oct 2023
  • 🕵️👣🏳️‍🌈

Cover art - Fire Pockets

Narrated scifi comedy mystery from Michael Hahn


Fire Pockets

In this cinematically sound designed “found footage” style podcast, Danny Vanderwilks takes us wherever he goes like a heroic wartime journalist mixed with a fumbling sports commentator, on a self-imposed mission to fix the world and make friends—or be humiliated and die horribly.

Accepted into the NZ Webfest, Apulia Webfest, and New Jersey Web Festival.

  • Season 1 finale released 27 Apr 2023
  • 8 episodes
  • Listening time: 3h 29m
  • Season 2 slated for April 2024
  • 🤣🔥🤯

Cover art - Look Up

Dramatized romance from Briggon Snow & Atypical Artists


Look Up

Two young men meet on a beach every night with a telescope and the unanswered questions from years of a friendship lost as they await their parent’s return from a mission to Mars. As re-entry draws closer…so do they.

  • Series complete as of 6 Aug 2021
  • 10 episodes
  • Listening time: 5h 36m
  • 🏳️‍🌈🔭💫

New Seasons Coming Soon

Logo - Radio Drama Revival

Presented by Radio Drama Revival, one of the internet’s longest-running anthology audio drama shows, with the goal of showcasing the diversity and vitality of modern audio fiction.

Returning on 3 Aug 2023

Small Victories, a dramatized modern fiction from WGC Productions, returns for Season x. This show It heavily features Queer Black characters and actors.

• 9 current episodes
• Listening time: 2h 18m
• 😗🫣😝

Cover art - Small Victories


Returning on 8 Aug 2023

The Strata, a dramatized scifi series from Mark R. Healy, returns for Season 9.

• 50 current episodes
• Listening time: 22h 10m
• 🦾🤖👩‍💻

Cover art - The Strata

RSSS4 Episode 1

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