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Issue #43 | 29 Jun 2023

I really should stop tweaking this newsletter, but I keep finding ways to improve it!

You'll now find a couple of brief notes on why I've chosen to feature the two... well, featured shows, which adds a bit of color and commentary to help you make your decision.

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Let's get started. And oh, look! A minor tweak to the cover image. See if you can spot it.

- Evo

Featured Audio Fiction

I've listened to every episode of these two shows, and proudly recommend them to you. As with all things in life, YMMV.

The Callisto Protocol: Helix Station cover art

RSS Trailer

The Callisto Protocol: Helix Station

A dramatized scifi story from Striking Distance Studios

In the year 2320, a skip tracer hunts down a dangerous escaped criminal on a derelict space station. In the process, she must confront murderous alien life forms, as well as unspeakable horrors from her past.

Starring Gwendoline Christie and Michael Ironside. Presented by Striking Distance Studios, creator of the game The Callisto Protocol.

  • Series complete as of 1 Dec 2022
  • 6 episodes
  • Listening time: 2h 30m
  • 🛰️👽😱

Evo's notes: Star-studded, cinematic, and nicely sized!

Red Valley cover art

RSS S2 Trailer

Red Valley

A dramatized scifi thriller from Orpheus Studio Productions

A mystery drama about the limits of experimental science, confronting your own past, present & future, & trying to remember the level select cheat from Sonic 2.

  • Season 2 finale released 31 Jul 2022
  • 14 episodes
  • Listening time: 5h 43m
  • 🧑‍🔬🕹️♻️

Evo's notes: I've a fascination with fiction that focuses on the darker side of science.

Apollo + logo

Introducing Apollo+!

Ad-free listening, bonus content & support for your favorite creators!

Get premium access to 49 fiction shows, enjoy ad-free episodes, and help creators thrive. On Apollo: the home of fiction podcasts.

Season Finales & Finished Series

I'm fully embracing the "keep audio fiction weird" mantra and am expanding what sorts of fiction shows will be highlighted. I'm a little concerned about the slippery slope, but I'll manage. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Additional Postage Required

Dramatized scifi from Jay Petrequin & Moonshot Podcast Network


Additional Postage Required

Clem Bianchi is a courier, delivering mail in space one job at a time in a future where mankind has settled among the stars faster than communications technology can keep up. When a chance encounter awakens them to the ability to hear conversations tied to their mail, they embark upon a journey of adventure, conspiracy, and connections made across the stars.

An LGBTQIA+ cast of characters played by a predominantly LGBTQIA+ group of actors.

  • Season 1 finale released 26 Jun 2023
  • 10 episodes
  • Listening time: 6h 15m
  • Season 1 starts Mar 2024
  • 🚀✉️🔮
The Innis Forgettance

Narrated urban fantasy from Leah Noel


The Innis Forgettance

According to rumors going around the haunted town of Inniscombe, 17-year-old Porter Hollis is to blame for his mother’s crying sickness. What’s more, he’s been bewitched by the Neverseen, spirits haunting the forest who possess townsfolk’s bodies and steal their souls. Yet no one seems to know how or why the Neverseen came to afflict them.

  • Series complete as of 25 Jun 2023
  • 45 episodes
  • Listening time: 20h 23m
  • ✨🗝️🪦
ENKI: Tales from the Past

Dramatized scifi from Mario Portela

RSSEpisode 1

ENKI: Tales from the Past

I am Ea, prince-heir of Anu… I hail from Nibiru and journeyed to planet Ki over 13,000 years ago. Today you call it Earth.

A unique, engaging Sensorial Experience turned into an awesome sci-fi narrative podcast.

  • Season 1 finale released on 25 Jun 2023
  • 26 episodes
  • Listening time: 5h 48m
  • Season 2 starts Jul 2023
  • 👽🌏🐵
Uncovering Dunridge

Dramatized mystery/horror from Adam Baffoni

RSSEpisode 1

Uncovering Dunridge

Follow independent investigator Elliot Campbell as he studies strange disappearances in his hometown of Dunridge, New Hampshire and explores the town’s dark secrets.

  • Series complete as of 25 Jun 2023
  • 6 episodes
  • Listening time: 1h 33m
  • 🕵️‍♂️🦴😱
The Walker Mysteries

Narrated comedy from Andrew White and Sally Swift


The Walker Mysteries

Meet DCI Charlotte Walker - the Yorkshire Tea-drinking, Tizer-loving, Love Hearts-eating detective.

She’s confident and creative; fearless and feisty… she’s the detective you want on your case.
But outside of her job, she’s quirky, talks ten to the dozen, easily goes off on tangents and can be a bit flirty at times…

  • Season 1 finale released on 23 Jun 2023
  • 8 episodes
  • Listening time: 1h 21m
  • Season 2 starts Sep 2023
  • 🚶‍♀️👮‍♀️⚢
Low Light cover art

Narrated mystery from Melanie Crawley

RSSEpisode 1

Low Light

Low Light is set in a northern English town. It has a dark edge and a sense of humour.

One cold February evening, a Storyteller dies suddenly, bringing Officer Ruby Hussain into the lives of the locals as she sets out to track down the killer but soon realises there’s more to the place and the people of Lower Leigh than first meets the eye.

  • Season 1 finale released on 23 Jun 2023
  • 16 episodes
  • Listening time: 12h 49m
  • Season 2 starts Jan 2024
  • 🏘️🔪🪄
Enemy Within cover art

Dramatized scifi from Voyage Media


Enemy Within

A scientist pioneers a new technology to cure his wife’s disease, but it works too well, and turns his wife into a terrifying, unstoppable human weapon.

  • Season 1 finale released on 8 Jun 2023
  • 5 episodes
  • Listening time: 1h 52m
  • 👨👩🤖
Half Alive with the La Brothers

Improvised comedy fiction from Peter Marino & Tom Ecobelli

RSSEpisode 1

Half Alive with the La Brothers

The fictional La and La brothers are sixty-year-old twins with more than a few career, financial, and size challenges. They’ve returned home to Schenectady from their years in Los Angeles and New York, and are trying to salvage some fraction of their career goals and to help others like them do the same, using real-life guidance from expert sources. 

  • Season 1 finale released on 30 May 2023
  • 10 episodes
  • Listening time: 6h 23m
  • Season 2 starts 15 Jul 2023
  • 😄😮😄
Encounter Party! cover art

Improvised fantasy comedy from Play+1

RSSEpisode 1

Encounter Party!

Step inside the Magic: the Gathering world of Ravnica in this Fantasy Mystery Audio Adventure governed by the rules of Dungeons & Dragons that Nerdist calls "a critical hit"!

This fully indie production's success turned into selling for a TV show.

  • Season 3 finale released on 13 Apr 2021
  • 66 episodes
  • Listening time: 67h 51m
  • ⚪🙊🧿

New Seasons Coming Soon

Radio Drama Revival logo

Presented by Radio Drama Revival, one of the internet’s longest-running anthology audio drama shows, with the goal of showcasing the diversity and vitality of modern audio fiction.

Returning on 1 Jul 2023:

Auricle, a dramatized urban sci-fi anthology from Auricle, returns for Season 2.

• 4 current episodes
• Listening time: 1h 42m
• 🌎💌🤖

Auricle cover art


Returning on 17 Jul 2023:

Tower 4, a dramatized mystery thriller from 7 Lamb Productions & Bloody Disgusting, returns for Season 3.

• 20 current episodes
• Listening time: 9h 58m
• 🌲🔥📻

Tower 4


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